Decker Truck Line Inc., a family-owned transportation and logistics provider based in Fort Dodge, Iowa, deployed the SmartDrive video-based safety program from SmartDrive Systems, San Diego, Calif., across its entire fleet of 800 flatbed and refrigerated trucks.

By skipping a trial period, Decker Truck Line was able to achieve safety improvements and driver exonerations faster, resulting in significant cost savings. With the hands-on support of the SmartDrive implementation team and open communication with drivers, the fleet experienced a smooth onboarding process.

“We already knew we wanted a video-based system to boost safety and exonerate our drivers, it was just a matter of selecting the right program,” says Joey O’Brion, vice president of safety at Decker Truck Line. “We really did our homework and contacted numerous SmartDrive customers about their experience, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Additionally, we were drawn to the SmartDrive focus on partnership and their commitment to working with us to help achieve our safety and operational goals—both short term and long term. The proven results at other fleets are incredibly compelling, and made us all the more confident in choosing to skip a trial and start protecting our drivers and assets sooner.”

Another strong selling point is that the SmartDrive solution is a fully managed service. The SmartDrive expert analysts review and prioritize all recorded events, allowing Decker Truck Line management to concentrate on the most important, highest-risk incidents, while saving time and resources.

As part of an effort to stay ahead of the curve in terms of advanced safety technology, Decker Truck Line adopted the SmartDrive program to protect drivers and exonerate the company in collisions where its drivers are not at fault.

In introducing the SmartDrive system, Decker Truck Line management was open and communicative about how the technology works, its benefits to drivers and the value of the solution to the company as a whole. Additionally, the support and professionalism of the SmartDrive implementation team made the onboarding process easy. The result was a driver community that felt comfortable with the solution, even leading some to note they wished the fleet had adopted the SmartDrive system sooner.

“I think it’s a great idea to have video safety technology in the trucks,” says Sheldon McAfee, a Decker Truck Line driver who has been a commercial driver for 18 years. “Given the road conditions and areas our routes go through, trucks are always a target. This is something on our side, working to protect us.”

Before choosing to adopt the SmartDrive program, Decker Truck Line management surveyed company drivers asking their opinions about video-based safety technology, and the vast majority were in favor. Management also worked with the Driver Council Committee—a group of Decker employees that includes 10 drivers who meet to discuss company processes and procedures—to get their feedback on the program. All drivers on the council volunteered to be among the first to implement the technology in their trucks, and quickly embraced the solution, becoming advocates and resources for other drivers during program rollout.

“Decker Truck Line is an excellent example of a company that truly puts drivers first,” says Steve Mitgang, SmartDrive CEO. “Choosing a technology that will exonerate drivers, help them improve as professionals and get them home safely to their families is a critical step more and more fleets are taking. We’re pleased to have Decker Truck Line join the growing number of fleets adopting the SmartDrive video safety and analytics solution, and look forward to the new partnership.”