Plastic Package, Inc., Sacramento, Calif., announced plans to locate a new operation in La Porte, Ind., open for business in November. Plastic Package packaging

“Our facility in California will continue as a significant factor in our strategic growth. The addition of the new facility will continue to enhance our ability to support current customers and grow in the Midwest,” says Mike Miller, president and CEO.

The new manufacturing facility will include several state-of-the-art GN pressure formers and robots.

 “We plan on moving some of our current business to Indiana where it makes strategic sense,” adds Miller. “That will open up needed production capacity in our California operation.”

The new operation will also enhance and support the vision to maintain the highest level of customer standards.

“Strategically, the new operation will put Plastic Package, Inc. in a position to grow and service businesses in several targeted regions of the Midwest and Northeast,” says Miller. “We are extremely excited about the opportunity to be a part of a great community that embraces new business.”