Multivac, Kansas City, Mo.,introduced thenew MULTIVAC R 575 MF PRO thermoforming packaging machine that can produce high-quality skin packs with heights of Multivac MultiFresh packagingup to 90 mm.

This thermoforming packaging machine has been optimized for packaging high products. An upper web forming station forms the upper web before it is conveyed to the sealing die. The thermoformed film is heated again in the dome of the sealing die before being placed around the goods to be packaged. This intermediate step increases the process reliability of the skin packaging procedure.

The additional heating makes the film malleable enough to fit snugly and smoothly around the packaged goods. As the malleability of the film also ensures the optimal sealing of the upper and lower web, it provides maximum packaging reliability.

The thermoforming packaging technology of the R 575 MF PRO is also superior to the tray packaging usually used for high packaged goods, as the film from a roll significantly reduces the cost of the packaging material and reduces the effort involved in handling and storage.