Cheese producer Nuestro Queso LLC, Rosemont, Ill., introduced a new line of Nuestro Yogurt drinkable smoothies. Nuestro drinkable yogurt

This Hispanic-style drinkable yogurt comes in Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Pina Colada, Mango, Pecan and Peach in 7-ounce single-serve bottles, 32-ounce family-style bottles and six-packs of 7-ounce bottles.

"Five years ago, the economy was in a slump, but we recognized a market for high-quality cheeses in the Hispanic community," says Arturo Nava, marketing director. "The Hispanic culture is prevalent in every Nuestro Queso product, from the work of the Hispanic cheesemakers to the sales and distribution by Hispanic salesmen, managers and drivers. Our products are produced by Hispanics for Hispanics, so our name is fitting."

"Moving forward, we're looking to connect emotionally with the Latina mom wanting fresh, high-quality and authentic Hispanic dairy products for her family," Nava adds. "We anticipate she and her family will love Nuestro Yogurt and everything else we offer in the next five years."