Interstate Warehousing and Tippmann Group, Fort Wayne, Ind., announced a major expansion project at Interstate Warehousing’s largest cold storage warehouse Interstate Warehousing IN plant expansionin Franklin, Ind. The 309,000-square-foot expansion will be the largest expansion at one time that this facility has ever seen.

“This is an exciting time at Interstate Warehousing,” says John Tippmann, Jr., president. “We are so thankful for the great customer base we have at this building, and the management and staff in Franklin have done an amazing job providing excellent customer service, which has given us the opportunity to continue to grow.”

The expansion adds more than 48,000 pallet positions, 54 new dock doors and includes additional material handling, maintenance, machine room, electrical and office areas. Once the project is complete, the facility will sit at 885,000 square feet with more than 128,000 pallet positions.

The IWI Franklin warehouse was originally built in 2005, and has seen three previous expansions, in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Earlier this year, this facility earned an SQF Level 2 Certification.