The latest release of FactoryTalk Batch software from Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, Wis., eases the process of modifying and creating new recipes by managing Rockwell Automation recipe managementthe approval process for changes and automatically tracking the genealogy of recipes.

The upgraded software, which tightly integrates with the PlantPAx process automation system, provides solutions ranging from small, basic sequencing to large, complex batch and sequencing applications. Administrators can use the software to assign specific users or roles to approve recipes before they advance to the production line. This structured approach provides approval traceability and allows quality control managers to easily manage recipes.

With new version-control capabilities, FactoryTalk Batch v12.0 software preserves and locks recipes from changes. Later, the recipe can be checked out as a work in progress and is automatically assigned a new version. The updated software system automatically stores each version, allowing users to review their genealogy.

FactoryTalk Batch software also provides additional protection from intellectual property theft. With security-authority binding, FactoryTalk Batch software helps protect recipes and area models. This extra layer of security helps ensure that important information is inaccessible for viewing, editing or executing by unauthorized users.

Rockwell Automation