Anchor Packaging, Inc., St. Louis, Mo.,addeda new, smaller roaster to the Nature’s Best line of polypropylene lids and mineral-filled polypropylene bases. Anchor Packaging Roasters

This new roaster’s shallow base raises the bird higher in the dome, providing an attractive presentation to the consumer. The wide unobstructed panels of the dome lid combined with anti-fog technology drive impulse sales of whole roasted chickens from the hot case. And, the leak-resistant closure on the black base prevents messy spills and provides the consumer with a table-ready serving platter requiring no re-plating.

Available in three sizes, the new, small roaster is ideal for 1-1.5-pound whole chickens.

Bases are made with 40% natural mineral additives in place of oil-based resin, and the roaster itself can withstand temperatures up to 230°F in warming units, heat lamps and microwaves.

Anchor Packaging Inc.