Ruby Rocket’s, New York, expanded its lineup of frozen pops to include all-natural, organic fruit and veggie frozen pops, which are said to be the onlynon-dairy pops Ruby Rocket's fruit veggie popswith healthy probiotics and contains and just 4-6 grams of sugar.


They come in the following varieties:

·        Celestial Cherry: Blend of organic cherry, apple, tomato, beet, pomegranate and the Chinese strawberry— yumberry.
·        Far-Out Fudge: Blend of organic date, sweet potato, Dutch cocoa, banana, beet and acai.
·        Planetary Pink Lemonade: Blend of organic butternut squash, strawberry, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, purple sweet potato and dried goji berry.
·        Meteorite Mango: Blend of organic butternut squash, pineapple, passion fruit, sweet potato and mango.
·        Gravity Grape: Blend oforganic grape, white grape, purple sweet potato, sweet potato, blueberry and acai.