GNP Co., St. Cloud, Minn., expanded its Just BARE brand to include certified-organic frozen chicken breast fillets. GNP organic Just BARE chicken

This American Humane Certified-line offers no antibiotics, no added hormones, no animal byproducts and no unwanted additives.

The limited market expansion includes organic Just BARE boneless skinless chicken breast fillets, the most often purchased chicken product by U.S. consumers. The brand plans to expand its nationwide offering to also include a boneless skinless chicken thighs product, which is available through SuperTarget now. Suggested retail pricing is $9.99 per pound for organic Just BARE boneless skinless chicken breast fillets. The random-weight packages contain approximately one pound of chicken.

Key attributes include:

·         Raised organically on organic farms no less than two days after hatch;

·         Raised in accordance to established animal health and welfare standards;

·         Fed certified 100% organic feed for their entire lives;

·         Never treated with antibiotics;

·         Raised in modern barns with open floors and given limited access to the outdoors unless inclement weather, the animal’s stage of life or conditions could jeopardize their health, safety or wellbeing;

·         Packaged in translucent, recyclable plastic trays; and

·         Sold by the pound vs. fixed-weight.

“Organic Just BARE is designed to help meet consumer demand for more natural/organic choices when it comes to the meat case,” says Julie Berling, director of brand advocacy and marketing. “Studies show ever-increasing consumer demand for organic proteins. Both natural and organic Just BARE chicken products are for people who are more mindful about what they eat and about the practices behind their food.”

Available in a limited number of retailers, including SuperTarget, nationwide, this line expansion boasts a suggested retail price of $9.99 per pound.