The Piping Gourmets, Miami,extended its line of GFCO-certified, gluten-free frozen whoopie pies with a new Chocolate Chocolate variety. Piping Gourmets whoopie pie

Consistent with the brand’s existing flavors, the new Chocolate Chocolate whoopie pies are allergen-friendly and crafted specifically for gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher and vegan diets. Each Chocolate-Chocolate option boasts rich, indulgent frosting, sweetened with decadent European cocoa, sandwiched by two rich chocolate cakes. 

“Chocoholics have been asking us to create an all chocolate flavor. It’s a comfort flavor for pure chocolate lovers,” says Leslie Kaplan, co-founder. “The new flavor has already had similar sales as the ever popular and classic Chocolate Vanilla variety. The taste is something chocolate lovers can rejoice over, and the ingredients are something health foodies can support.”

The Chocolate-Chocolate whoopie pies come in 4-packs of individually wrapped pies, and are available in Whole Foods Markets and other retailers nationwide.