Sharpe Mixers, Inc., Seattle, Wash., introduced a line of portable mixer lift stands designed for use with tote bins and 200- to 400-gallon metal and plastic tanks for transporting and storing chemicals.

Sharpe portable mixer stands are fully mobile and allow operators to raise and lower mixers in and out of tote bins without manual lifting. Featuring a horizontal arm that clears the bin top and reaches inside, the stands come in ELS Series electric, powered by a 115 VAC motor with a worm gear drive, and the ALS Series pneumatic version.

Offered in three sizes providing 46- to 140-inch height adjustability, Sharpe portable mixer stands include NEMA 4 controls and can be constructed with stainless steel and mild steel, with counterweights on the arm included to facilitate smooth operation. For optimum process flexibility, collapsible impellers are available to allow the use of impellers larger than 6 inches in diameter.

Sharpe Mixers, Inc.