Cumberland Farms, Framingham, Mass., introduced new Farmhouse Blend f'real milkshake, which combines the brand's signature Farmhouse Blend coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans, with real ice cream and dairy-fresh milk.

"We couldn't think of a better product to incorporate our Farmhouse Blend coffee with than f'real's delicious milkshakes," says Greg Lorance, dispensed beverage category manager. "We wanted to offer our loyal customers the Farmhouse Blend coffee they know and love, but with a fun, new twist. f'real's authentic, on-the-go milkshakes are also aligned with our mission to make life easier for the everyday consumer, and we're excited to introduce another coffee beverage with a really great value for our customers."

"At f'real, we are focused on creating great-tasting, new flavors that our consumers will love," says Allison Lewin, vice president of marketing. "The taste and quality of Cumberland Farms' Farmhouse Blend coffee made it the perfect choice for us, creating a unique option for coffee drinkers and milkshake lovers."

The Farmhouse Blend f'real Milkshake is available at Cumberland Farms' newly remodeled retail locations in the Northeast and Florida.