Absolutdata, Alameda, Calif., released NAVIK Concept Test, a tool that lets brand managers, product managers and market researchers successfully go to market with new ideas faster than ever before.

This cloud-based, automated decision support tool uses advanced analytics and comprehensive customizable option selection to guide users through research design to produce clear Go/No Go results.

At the heart of NAVIK Concept Test is an advanced analytics engine that takes the complex steps of market research and makes them simple to execute through a guided interface. Users first choose from a number of test types—new product development, price sensitivity evaluation, brand positioning enhancement, new packaging designs, etc. Concepts to be tested, including images, video, text or audio are then uploaded. Business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) are set, and the target group to be surveyed is defined. At this point, a test design is recommended and confirmed by the user, who can either upload their own database of panelists to be queried or select from a number of panel partners recommended by the product. The test is then conducted online, and users can track real-time results via the Field Status dashboard.

The initial phase of project definition and test design requires just a couple hours of the user’s time. Conducting the online survey in the field is automated, taking about two weeks to deliver final results. Summary and detailed dashboards are delivered upon survey completion and can be exported or easily shared.

When data collection is complete, NAVIK Concept Test presents clear “Go/No Go” recommendations for execution, along with detailed analytics behind the results. A deep dive into “winning” concepts shows the analysis and rationale behind those recommendations in a number of sharable forms, including pie charts, bar graphs and word clouds, which can be imported into a variety of presentation and document formats.

Absolutdata Technologies, Inc.