Divelbiss Corp., Fredericktown, Ohio, introduced VersaCloud M2M, a complete end-to-end cloud monitoring and control solution for the agricultural and construction markets. This solution merges hardware, software, communications and cloud services into a seamless, easily deployed control and monitoring system. Native support for industry standard protocols such as SAE J1939, NMEA2000 and MODBUS, in addition to hardened I/O, PLC control capabilities and SD card data logging, allow for a high level of flexibility when implementing a multitude of control and monitoring applications.

All VersaCloud M2M-enabled controllers are programmed using the Divelbiss EZ LADDER Toolkit in Ladder Diagram, Function Block and Structured Text languages.

Developed with cellular communications, the VersaCloud M2M platform utilizes a low-overhead communications protocol to minimize data usage. This protocol allows sending and receiving messages using a little as 150 bytes of data.

The VersaCloud M2M Cloud platform also provides a secure web-based user portal for access to device data and dashboards. The easy-to-configure dashboard interface displays current and historical data through drag-and-drop graphical java widgets, such as dial gauges, tank level graphs, bar graphs, line graphs, maps, tables, etc. 

Divelbiss Corp.