OutSmart Power Systems, Natick, Mass., developed an end-to-end solution for granular, low cost, comprehensive energy and equipment monitoring in OutSmart EnergyMaterefrigerated and frozen food plants, distribution centers and cold storage facilities.

OutSmart sensor devices use existing electrical wiring to transmit data to a hub, which then sends the data to the cloud for storage, visualization and analysis. Utilizing existing electrical wiring to backhaul data inside the building makes the solution simple to install, and using the cloud enables monitoring and reporting from any device or location.

The data is analyzed using OutSmart software to identify problems and opportunities, so that customers can better control energy use and manage costs. The OutSmart solution can push email and text alerts to personnel when pre-set thresholds have been exceeded.

This end-to-end solution includes:

EnergyMate. This miniature, low-cost sensor can be deployed at a circuit or load level in sub-panels, main distribution panels or motor control panels. Each self-contained EnergyMate utilizes advanced sensing technology, on-board processing for smart reporting and an integrated voltage probe for each circuit. The sensor can be used to monitor key metrics such as duty cycle, run time, cycle times and peak and minimum consumption.

SensorMate. The SensorMate complements the EnergvMate by monitoring high-amperage incoming services and loads in large buildings and industrial environments. The SensorMate can monitor high current circuits (incoming mains, bus bars and other feeds) ranging from 250 amps to over 10,000 amps.

LoadRunner. The LoadRunner serves as a local communications hub, connecting up to 32 EnergyMates and SensorMates (96 wires) through a single, multi-drop ribbon cable through which power and communications are delivered. OutSmart's intelligent sensors continuously capture data, but only send readings to the LoadRunner when a deviation is detected, making efficient use of network bandwidth while providing immediate alerts of unexpected events.

LoadMaster. The LoadMaster is the central gateway of the OutSmart system. It receives information from LoadRunners via the existing power line wires. The LoadMaster coordinates all activities and communicates across the internet to cloud-based OutSmart servers for higher-level data aggregation, reporting and analytics.

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