Kansas City Southern, Kansas City, Mo., opened a new state-of-the-art intermodal terminal in Wylie, Texas. After 12 months of construction, the more than $64 million terminal opened for operations on July 13.

“We are very pleased to offer our intermodal customers this new, world-class terminal for U.S. domestic, U.S. international and U.S.-Mexico cross-border shipments,” says Patrick Ottensmeyer, president. “The new terminal significantly increases the capacity previously available at the Zacha (Dallas-area) terminal, creates opportunity for planned economic growth and development and makes the City of Wylie and Collin County, Texas, even more competitive to shippers looking to locate new operations.” 

The new Wylie Intermodal Terminal boasts an automated gate system with high-definition imagers, optical character recognition, biometric driver identification, enhanced traffic signals, specific turn lanes and two 5,000-foot intermodal tracks.It also has an annual lift capacity of 342,000, 1,500 parking spaces and 400 container stack spots.