When the Flurers decided to open Flurer Smokery Ltd. in Canada, one of the first things they did was call Dynamic Systems, Inc., Austin, Texas, and install SIMBA. Flurer Smokery co-founder Kelly Flurer had used SIMBA at a previous employer and knew that it would be key to their mission—to provide the highest quality services and products.

Flurer Smokery contracts with fishermen and other companies to process their catch, and does “per order” processing of smoked salmon, mussels, sport-caught fish and more. When the order comes in, the fish required to produce that order is purchased. Flurer Smokery uses SIMBA’s work order feature to initiate production against the customer’s order; the product is made and shipped right away, guaranteeing freshness and high quality. SIMBA tracks each individual order from the time the product is received through labeling and shipping. This provides Flurer Smokery with detailed product information and complete traceability.

Flurer Smokery recently installed the latest SIMBA upgrade and appreciates the improved ease of use, including the ability to integrate printers via Windows drivers and the print label preview, which allows them to correct any mistakes prior to labeling the product.

“SIMBA gives us the ability to track the order’s progress through our plant in real time and enhances our quality control and on-time delivery. SIMBA is very key to our business,” says Flurer.