Five design students from the University of São Paulo invented a bag-in-jug milk packaging concept to help consumers recycle correctly.

Danilo Makio Saito, Maira Kondo, Lau Bellesa, Akira Mizutani and Mariana Mascarenhas developed the Re-Pack carton, which features an outer jug made from cardboard and an inner bio-plastic bag that contains the milk. Unlike regular cartons, which need to have their parts separated before recycling, this design allows for the packaging to be pre-separated. After consumption, the separate parts can be placed into the appropriate recycling receptacles for collection.

The Re-Pack packaging locks the bag into the carton using a folding closure and the plastic inner comes with a resealable screw-top nozzle made from recyclable corn-derived bioplastic.

Additionally, these 24-ounce bags are said to be easier to stock and use as a cardboard package.