Cincinnati-based Intelligrated announced key enhancements to its Route Manager software module, including simplified configurability, a new user interface and experience and support for multiple operating systems and databases.

The updated Route Manager is a foundational component of the company’s warehouse execution system, working in tandem with enterprise software systems and machine controls to route products through automated systems, making real-time adjustments to avoid bottlenecks and transport product in the most efficient manner possible.

Route Manager offers simplified configurability, enabling operators to make routing adjustments by changing method, decision and destination settings without using programmer resources for coding modifications. It supports both PLC- and PC-based control solutions, and provides on-demand routing decisions and intelligent zone routing with forced sequential stops, adaptive location stops and mirrored destinations. Route Manager also supports a greater variety of sortation methods, including round robin, lane sort priority, first available, group consolidation and buffering, priority destination and translation tables.

The upgraded Route Manager uses Intelligrated’s new user interface that offers a common look and feel from desktop to mobile across the company’s entire WES platform. The web-based software avoids the need to install applications locally on each client workstation. Route Manager also offers built-in multilingual support to handle localization, as well as role-based security, alarms, notifications and transaction-level logging.