Caster Concepts Inc., Albion, Mich., unveiled the Swivel on Swivel (SoS) caster, designed to significantly reduce operator fatigue and workplace injuries through the unique design that features two kingpinless, maintenance-free swivel section rigs.

Simply put: SoS reduces the amount of force needed to turn and maneuver a cart, and start rolling a cart when all wheels are not parallel.

Benefits include:

·         Eliminates side shifting, allowing for easier maneuvering of cart and reducing exertion and stress on operators.

·         The swivel-on-swivel design reduces turn radius, requiring less space and force exerted.

·         Eliminates wheel flutters on powered applications, such as automated guided vehicles and tuggers.

·         Features a brake system that eliminates wheel pivots and shifting in the stop position. The fixed foot pedal makes the brake easy to engage, reducing the need for operators to bend to activate or the need to search for brakes when wheels move.


Caster Concepts Inc.