Baumer, Southington, Conn., developed the CleverLevel series, a highly flexible and secure solution for performing measurements in storage silos and process tanks. Based on frequency sweep technology, ClearLevel ensures that all production steps function smoothly, meet industry standards and that solids do not go above or below a specified filling level.

Common types of electromechanical sensors, such as the rotating paddle or vibrator types, may give faulty indications, showing the level to be within the limit when it has already been crossed. This can result in unplanned machine stoppages and loss of production. CleverLevel optimizes these processes.

CleverLevel limit switches are available in different versions to be used in almost any application and positioned where they can work the best. In the standard version, the tip of the sensor protrudes only 12 mm into the interior, allowing it to be optimally positioned even with tricky tank geometries or with built-in mixers.

The 100 mm- or 250 mm-long variant with a sliding connection can be positioned deeper in the tank. This prevents sticky deposits forming on the tip of the sensor. If space is restricted, the suspended variant can be used and installed from above through the top of the silo, for example, with hexagonal silos that are grouped together on a small surface.

ClearLevel’s electrode emits a high-frequency signal from the tip of the sensor into the tank. The medium works like a virtual capacitor that creates a resonant circuit with a spool in the sensor head. The size of the capacitor depends on the dielectric constant. CleverLevel can also detect almost all media with a DK value greater than 1.5, and can accurately detect solids with different granularities as well as viscous media and liquids.

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