Master salami artisan Cristiano Creminelli brings his award-winning salami and prosciutto to American food lovers with a new sliced charcuterie line, hand-packed in ready-to-eat packages.

Each sliced charcuterie package features slow-cured artisan meats such as all-natural heritage pork and beef.

“As an artisan, business owner and parent, I know life can get so busy,” says Creminelli, founder Creminelli Fine Meats, Salt Lake City, Utah. “But, I also like to eat well. These pre-sliced packages are so convenient – just peel back the tray to see beautiful slices placed by hand into each tray and enjoy as a snack or with bread and wine as an antipasto or light meal.”

Creminelli’s sliced charcuterie comes in six varieties: Silky slices of American Prosciutto (sliced or cubed), mildly spicy Calabrese, mild Varzi with notes of nutmeg, thin slices of rich Bresaola (beef) and Felino salami with Manchego cheese.

Each tray, made from recyclable plastic, varies from 1.5-4 ounces of artisan salami, and can be found in the refrigerated cases of specialty cheese shops and fine meats and cheese cases in national stores such as Whole Foods Markets.