The new patented Mobile-Matic dispensing A-Frame from SI Systems, Easton, Pa., can now integrate with all major conveyor manufacturers.

The Mobile-Matic system is designed for up to 1,200 orders per hour for high-speed order picking applications, including small number of fast-moving SKUs, as well as pick-to-light, carousels, traditional A-Frames, automated storage and retrieval systems and manual order picking systems. Plus, this simple "out-of-the-box" solution can dispense or order pick up to 16 SKUs with one unit. Additional units can be integrated in minutes.

The Mobile-Matic A-Frame comes pre-constructed in a crate. Just roll a unit up to the conveyor and connect power and network cabling. Inventory is placed in one of the easily adjustable channels. When a tote or box passes the required SKUs, items are automatically dispensed into the order. Up to five items per second can be dispensed from every channel. 

SI Systems, LLC