Assured Container Services (ACS), a UK-based specialist container and unaccompanied trailer handler, completed its first six months with Verilocation’s vehicle tracking system, which has already become an integral part of the business, according to the company.

With 16 44-ton trucks, ACS collects from all major UK ports, including Tilbury, Purfleet and Thames, and delivers to any destination in the UK.

“Our reputation over the last 25 years in business has been built largely on our ability to collect and deliver on time,” says co-owner Paul Asbury. “This has now been made a lot easier to ensure with the addition of a real-time vehicle tracking system from Verilocation, also based in the UK.”

Using iPads and Verilocation’s mobile app, Asbury and his co-director are able to track the location of each vehicle at all times and deal with hold ups and keep customers informed regarding arrival times.

“By keeping an eye on the real-time tracking application, we not only can coordinate operations remotely, but also we don’t need to maintain verbal contact with the drivers,” Asbury adds. “This has saved us time and money by eliminating around 30 calls a day. Also, when the drivers are on long journeys and possibly on their rest period, we don’t need to disturb them to find out where they are.”

The tracking facility has also come in handy for ACS when one of their trucks was accidentally delivered from a garage to the wrong address. As soon as the vehicle was reported missing, a quick look at the mobile app revealed its location and the mistake was immediately resolved. Without the tracker, they would have assumed a theft, and many hours would most likely have been spent on a wild goose chase, adds Asbury.

“No question, the system is easy to use and extremely handy,” he says. “The admin work is also reduced—mileage calculations, expenses, time sheets etc.—the automated reporting suite can handle it all. Quite honestly, I wish we had installed it sooner.”