TruTac, UK, entered the tracking and telematics market with TruLocation, which combines real-time GPS vehicle tracking, remote tacho downloading, accurate maps, geo-location, points of interest, harsh breaking and excess speed all in one easy-to-use system.

This fully web-based system can be accessed from anywhere, and provides a 360-degree view of vehicles, drivers, routes and compliance, 24 hours a day. TruLocation removes the need for drivers and vehicles to return to base to embark on lengthy manual tacho downloads or to log into multiple systems to track routes, analyze driving hours or plan routes.

Fully compliant with EU Drivers’ Hours and the Working Time directive, TruLocation highlights when drivers may require breaks with regards to daily and weekly driving limits. It also uses secure encrypted data transfer with minute-by-minute updates on vehicle position via easy-to-interpret graphical displays and maps. Key features such as geo-fencing and points of interest will trigger automatic alerts when a unit passes into or out of a defined area, for example, when nearing congestion charging zones or for timed delivery slots.

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