Acuity Brands, Inc., Atlanta, launched Atrius Assets, a software solution for delivering real-time, indoor asset tracking, asset management and analysis.

The cloud-based software service includes web-based interfaces for administration (Atrius Admin) and real-time visualization (Atrius LiveView) as well as RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The real-time location of assets is enabled by the Atrius-Ready Sensory Network and asset tags that use Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

The Atrius Admin program supports configuring asset tag or beacon attribute settings, categorizing and grouping assets, defining zones, managing multi-site and user roles. Atrius LiveView functionality overlays the last 60-minutes of live data onto a venue’s layout to locate assets, analyze movement and monitor asset telemetry information.

By leveraging Atrius Assets, developers can:

  • Provide accurate asset location and pathing.
  • Create real-time alerts based on dwell time, count, health metrics and more.
  • Deliver trending data and analysis of asset movement.
  • Integrate asset information with other data sources


Acuity Brands, Inc.