In an effort to meet growing global demand, Crown Equipment Corp. completed an expansion project that doubled the size of the company’s New Bremen, Ohio, electronics assembly headquarters plant.

The New Bremen facility manufactures and assembles circuit boards and control modules, including Crown’s InfoLink wireless fleet and operator management system. The 30,000-square-foot addition consists of a mixture of office space and assembly equipment, including an existing surface mount assembly line.

“The work we do in this electronics assembly plant is among the best examples of Crown’s vertically integrated manufacturing strategy,” says Dave Besser, senior vice president of manufacturing. “This approach allows us to develop and continually improve standardized manufacturing processes globally while maintaining our focus on quality and advanced technology. As our vision for a connected forklift becomes a reality, this expansion allows us to integrate more advanced on-board technology to help our customers make more informed decisions that improve warehouse productivity and manufacturing operations, as well as reduce costs without compromising operator safety.”