Orion Energy Systems, Inc., Manitowoc, Wis., released its next generation of Orion LED industrial light fixtures, now what is said to be the highest-performing high-bay suite in the market.

The patent-pending ISON LED high bay, for example, delivers up to 179 lumens per watt, while the APOLLO LED high bay offers up to 148 lumens per watt. For high performance in cost-conscious applications, the HARRIS LED high bay delivers up to 148 lumens per watt.

This launch also introduced a new, modular lighting platform with hundreds of options that plug and play with standard electrical connections. The fixtures are upgradeable and interchangeable, allowing maintenance crews to meet changing light distribution requirements, such as moving from an open area to aisle lighting, or from high bay to low bay or even retail applications by adding a lens. By simply turning off the power to the luminaire, internal teams can use quick attachments to easily switch out the light engine panels.

Other features include:

·         Groundbreaking thermal management that reduces the operating temperature to enhance the performance.

·         High-performing LED chips and drivers paired with cooler operating luminaires for peak performance.

·         Superior fixture designs for maximum light output where it is most needed.

·         Lightweight body to reduce ceiling grid load.


Orion Energy Systems, Inc.