Continental / Midland, Park Forest, Ill., produces fasteners for trucks and truck trailers, among other applications.

Throughout its 100,000-square-foot warehouse, Continental / Midland utilizes forklifts to move product and perform picking duties over multiple shifts scheduled six days a week. Operators were using man-down trucks, requiring them to handle products twice to pull product from the racks, fill orders and replace the unused product. This led to reduced productivity and the increased risk of handling damage. The company realized it needed a forklift that would enable them to pick and fill orders faster, but was also capable of operating within their narrow aisle application.

To continue Continental / Midland’s 6-year relationship with Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, Ohio, Continental / Midland purchased three TSP Series narrow-aisle turret stock pickers to enhance operator comfort, ergonomics and productivity. The MoveControl seat offers unmatched flexibility and comfort and features a swivel seat and backrest, cushioned armrests, height adjustability and 110-degree flexibility. With Crown’s 3-wheel design, fine-tuned steering and exceptional visibility, the TSP Series achieves total cycle performance in and out of the aisle.

Increased productivity with a man-up truck that allows operators to touch the product only once and move product twice as fast.

Improved operator safety by delivering optimum visibility with the swivel seat.