Optical food sorting equipment manufacturer TOMRA Sorting Food, Austria, retired its two BEST Sorting and ODENBERG legacy brands to better unify the TOMRA brand.

“This final and complete adoption of the TOMRA brand simultaneously marks the successful end of a journey and the start of an exciting new era,” says Ashley Hunter, senior vice president. “BEST Sorting andODENBERG have been around for more than 60 years in total, and the company’s combined power, knowledge and expertise will continue to live under the umbrella of the TOMRA brand. Being part of TOMRA Sorting Solutions gives our customers access to technological synergies that exist across its food, recycling, mining and specialty products business streams. This also allows us to respond to customer and food industry challenges quickly, offer the best value products and work with customers to develop innovative solutions meeting their needs.”

TOMRA Sorting Food machines produced from 2016 onwards will no longer carry the BEST Sorting or ODENBERG logos.