GNP Co., St. Cloud, Minn., will be adding two new attributes to its all-natural chicken products sold under the Gold’n Plump brand. The attributes include “No Antibiotics–Ever” and the American Humane Certified farm program seal.

The first Gold’n Plump products featuring both of these claims will hit store shelves in March, with more added in the summer. The company will gradually extend these attributes to the entire Gold’n Plump line, with the goal of all products to offer them by 2019.

“Not all antibiotic claims are created equal,” says Brian Roelofs, vice president of sales, marketing and service. “Many companies are making statements about eliminating the use of antibiotics medically important to humans. GNP Co.’s move is taking that further—eliminating all antibiotics of any kind for its all-natural Gold’n Plump products now, with the remaining portfolio to follow. We will continue to reduce our antibiotics use in response to consumer and customer demand. However, we will continue to treat flocks for illness, including the use of antibiotics when necessary, as withholding treatment is not ethical or humane.”

As Gold’n Plump products transition to a No Antibiotics–Ever product line, it will also become officially certified by the American Humane Certified farm program.

“GNP Co. has always been committed to the humane treatment of our chickens,” adds Roelofs. “We first partnered with the American Humane Certified farm program in 2010 to certify our Just BARE products under the program’s rigorous standards. Since 2013, we’ve been auditing our contracted family farm partners and grow-out barns, including those responsible for the care of Gold’n Plump flocks. The official certification of Gold’n Plump formalizes our already steadfast belief in humane care.”

A majority of core Gold’n Plump products, such as small and family packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts, chicken thighs and ground chicken, will carry both the No Antibiotics–Ever claim and American Humane Certified seal by summer 2016. All remaining Gold’n Plump value-added retail, deli and foodservice products will transition by the end of 2019.