Avaap, Edison, N.J., developed three new features— API data engine, credit card processing and tax solution—for Infor M3, a multi-site, multi-country and multi-company enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution produced by Infor, New York.

As organizations upgrade technology to stay current, the Avaap M3 API data engine is an essential tool that supports a fast and efficient deployment and migration. Avaap’s API data engine is said to be the first M3 data migration tool, making it easy to import, export and sync data from one version of Infor M3 to another on premise or in the cloud.

Avaap’s M3 credit card processing is a complementary application that offers a credit card payment processing integration framework between Infor M3 and various payment gateways, enabling e-businesses, online retailers, brick-and-click or traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to efficiently accept and process payments. Using Avaap’s M3 credit card integration solution, organizations can process credit and debit cards and take advantage of other functionality to streamline payment processing and deliver a fast and flawless payment experience.

Meanwhile, Avaap’s M3 tax solution minimizes complexities in sales tax collection by automating the process and facilitating compliance with tax regulation and industry changes.

Avaap Inc.