TCL Packaging, London, in partnership with B&G Products, also based in London, developed what is said to be the first of its kind printed, stand-up, ovenable pouch for a range of frozen, fish-based, cook-in-the-bag meals for online retailer Asda, UK.

The printed Doypack is suitable for microwave and conventional oven cooking up to 200°C. The pouch can also be stored as frozen.

The Doypack is made from a PET structure to ensure rigidity and stability during cooking with no reduction in performance. The stand-up pouch format is particularly suitable for microwave ovens, as it fits easily inside and can be safely handled when the contents are hot and poured for serving.

It has been fully certified by Smithers Pira, UK, for food safety up to 220°C, 450°F Gas 7. Production utilizes the latest ovenable inks and employs a new pouch-making conversion process, which facilitates exceptionally strong seals aided by high-lamination bond strength. The pack also boasts good slip properties for easy handling during the packing process.

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