The WSG30 system from Sensaphone, Aston, Pa., provides 24/7 remote monitoring of food assets and cold storage equipment in food manufacturing, processing and storage facilities, research and testing laboratories and foodservice and retail locations.

The WSG30 system is a web-based monitoring system that uses wireless sensors to detect problems such as temperature changes (from -109 °F to 115°F), humidity fluctuations, water leaks and power outages. It is ideal for locations where hard-wiring sensors is difficult or cost prohibitive. A single WSG30 unit can support up to 30 wireless sensors. When the WSG30 system detects a problem, it instantly sends alerts to up to 32 people by email, text message, SNMP or Modbus, enabling personnel to take the corrective action required to save critical inventory.

Plus, users can make programming changes, access status conditions and review data logs online through any web-enabled device. The system can log up to 67,000 records.