VIBCONNECT RF is a wireless monitoring system for machine components. The sensor unit monitors machine vibration, bearing condition and temperature, andVibconnect transmits the data to the bridge where it is evaluated. Thanks to its diagnostic capabilities, VIBCONNECT RF not only monitors the condition of roller bearings and other rotating components, but also detects damage caused by cavitation.

Manufactured by Ludeca Inc., Leland, Fla., the VIBCONNECT RF system allows operators to monitor plant equipment that extends over a large area without the need for installing costly cabling.

The VIBCONNECT bridge acts as the central receiver. It processes the data from the sensor units and transmits through the operator's network for visualization and archiving. For the evaluation of received data, the system includes a range of comprehensive analytical functions that enable the operator to assess the machine vibration, temperature and bearing condition.

Any irregularities or faults found in the machine components are directly recorded and forwarded to the relevant control center, enabling operators to detect damage to assets at an early stage for prompt corrective action.

Ludeca Inc.