Entrematic Loading Dock Products, Carrollton, Texas, rolled out a comprehensive line of sectional overhead dock doors under the Kelley brand.

These new sectional overhead dock doors include:

Heavy-duty 2-inch insulated sectional overhead door—9.05 R-Value with two steel skins (24-gauge exterior and 27-gauge interior) with CFC-free polystyrene insulation along with four color and two window options.

Medium-duty 1-3/8-inch insulated sectional overhead door6.48 R-Value with two steel skins (27-gauge inner and outer) surrounding 1 3/8-inch CFC-free polystyrene insulation along with four color and three window options.

2-inch steel sectional overhead doors(eight models)—open back design and 6.64 R-Value (with insulation). Available in a variety of steel gauge and insulation configurations, along with four panel options, three steel color options, four aluminum color options and two window options.

Aluminum sectional overhead doors(two models)—constructed of 2-inch thick extruded aluminum rails and stiles, and can be fitted with a variety of full-view glass options, solid aluminum, perforated or louvered ventilation panels and offers four color options.

Polyurethane-insulated sectional overhead doors (three models)—up to 19.40 R-Value and constructed using 2-inch or 1-3/8-inch foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation with extra heavy duty model featuring a 20-gauge steel front skin. Available in four panel options, four steel color options, four aluminum color options, three window options as well as a pass door option.

Rapid install for vertical lift commercial doors—designed specifically for commercial warehouse and dock doors using quality standard Kelley 2-inch steel sections and a simplified track and hardware configuration, tested to more than 10,000 cycles to ensure long-term performance, uses a durable, heavy .063 gauge 1-piece track and provided hardware includes self-lubricating nylon rollers and wide body hinges.

Kelley Entrematic