Best new products 2016

The Probiotic Cheese Co., North Hampton, N.H., released a healthy probiotic cheddar cheese snack that contains live cultures added after pasteurization.

"Within my medical specialty of pulmonary medicine, research is showing the benefits of Farmstead milk and cheese to prevent the development of asthma and allergies. I wanted to develop a probiotic cheese made from pasteurized milk that could maintain healthy digestion and support a strong immune system without the concerns and regulations of raw milk," says Dr. Mark Windt, president and allergist, immunologist and pulmonary physician.

This healthy cheese snack, marketed for children, athletes, diabetics, pregnant women and health-conscious consumers, is made from the milk from over 60 Vermont, farm-owned cows. Veteran Vermont Farmstead cheesemaker Rick Woods oversees the production of the artisanal cheese bites, which are packaged in gingham-themed, reusable, zip lock bags.

"We are so excited that Probiotic Cheese Bites have been recognized as a delicious and extremely healthy snack food. Everywhere we go, people are thanking us for creating this delicious Farmstead cheese with live probiotic cultures; we are so proud of our new product,” says Roxanne Barnes, chief executive officer.

The cheese bites come in Regular Cheddar and Savory Pepper, and are available in all 38 North Atlantic Whole Foods stores.


Best new products 2016