Star Refrigeration, a UK-based independent cooling and heating contractor, opened the doors to its new factory that manufactures EcoDesign Directive (2009/125/EC)-compliant ammonia air cooled chillers.

Under the Ecodesign Directive, new minimum energy performance standards are being introduced to eliminate inefficient chillers from the market. The new directive, which is intended to reduce CO2 emissions, awards a bonus for the use of refrigerants with low global warming potential, such as ammonia.

The Azanechiller 2.0, which is said to be 71% higher than the European EcoDesign Directive requirement, is suitable for temperature-controlled storage, food processing, beverage production, process cooling, HVAC, data centers and more.

“The Azanechiller 2.0 sets a new benchmark in chiller performance with efficiency figures that are significantly higher than the European EcoDesign Directive requirement,” says Alan Walkinshaw, director of sales – process. “At Star, we have always placed great emphasis on the chillers’ development stages, specifically at the design and manufacturing phases to eliminate sources of energy waste. Star’s chillers have been proven to significantly reduce overall energy consumption and minimize adverse environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle.”