Flair Flexible Packaging Corp., Appleton, Wis., launch its LiDynamics program, which expands the company’s current offerings to include a complete portfolio of lidding films. 

The program includes TruSeal, a category of permanent weld seals that boast breathable, high-barrier structures; TruPeel, a category of peelable films that feature versatile compatibility to trays and containers; RePeel, a category of peel and reseal films that assure safe storage and maintain product freshness; and PROVEN (as seen here), designed for both conventional and microwave ovens and able to withstand temperatures up to 400°F.

In addition to offering bags, pouches and other rollstock films, the LiDynamics program offers a variety of seal types, structures and barrier properties, and can be custom rotogravure printed up to 10 colors.  Plus, these high-clarity films work well for a range of products, including prepared meals, dairy products, dips, spreads, salads, fresh vegetables and more.

Flair Flexible Packaging Corp.