E2open, Austin, Texas, acquired Orchestro, a provider of demand signal repositories and preemptive analytics for retail and omni-channel fulfillment. The combination is said to deliver the world’s only demand-driven supply chain operating network.

Orchestro, Bethesda, Md., harmonizes retail point-of-sale (POS), syndicated, internal ERP and third-party data into a common view of demand for leading brand owners. Its data, visibility and analytics solutions complement E2open’s acquisition of demand sensing solutions from Terra Technology, Norwalk, Conn., dubbing E2open as the only technology provider to bundle pre-packaged POS data from any retailer with demand sensing technologies.

“ERP systems were not designed to address the complexities of multi-enterprise supply chains. Manufacturers are accelerating their use of trading partners for manufacturing, distribution and transportation. E2open’s solutions allow the best-run supply chains to thrive within today’s vastly more complex operating environment. With the addition of Terra Technology and Orchestro, E2open is the only company that can provide true end-to-end planning, collaboration and execution, from raw materials to final delivery to the consumer,” says Michael Farlekas, chief executive officer of E2open. “Our recent acquisition of Terra Technology allowed us to help our clients sense demand across the network. With the addition of Orchestro, we will leverage daily, store-item data to create the world’s only demand-driven supply chain operating network.”

“Orchestro’s vision was to leverage big data to make big decisions in the retail and consumer packaged goods supply chain,” adds PV Boccasam, chief executive officer of Orchestro. “We can now combine one true demand signal with demand sensing technologies to enable manufacturers to become proactive in preventing out of stocks, provide actionable insight from source to shelf and preempt expensive disruptions in the supply chain.”