Growers Express, LLC, Salinas, Calif., announced plans to acquire Misionero Vegetables, based in Gonzales, Calif.

“Misionero is unique in that it provides a perfect complement to Growers in terms of employees, products, operations and customers,” says Jamie Strachan, chief executive officer of Growers Express. “Misionero is respected in the industry for their premium innovative products, as well as their loyalty and exceptional customer service. We share a number of core values including integrity, relationships and innovation.”

Since 1973, Misionero has steadfastly focused on food safety and ethical practices. Now with its second generation at the helm, the Griffin family ensures that every product leaving the facility adheres to the same stringent standards set by founder, Floyd Griffin.

Along with strengthening their product line, Misionero will also bring with it a talented staff and resources to enhance Growers’ capabilities and allow them to offer more opportunities and service to their customers.

“Misionero is a highly principled organization, and with our similar values, we see a great fit in merging our companies to meet our vision of growing next generation healthful foods,” adds Strachan.

With the acquisition expected to be completed by mid-summer, the Misionero team will be joining forces with Growers Express.

“My family’s rich heritage, combined with the passion that I have for my work, has been the foundation and the driving force behind Misionero for the past 40 years,” says Stephen Griffin, president of Misionero. “One of the many reasons we’re thrilled to join Growers Express is because of how they treat their people, their culture of innovation and branding in produce, and most importantly, the value they put on their longstanding relationships with growers and customers. I look forward to working with Jamie and his team, offering my family and employees the opportunity to expand our business through creating a broader team and more diverse product line where we can offer comprehensive solutions to our customers and theirs.”