Cavalier Produce, Lynchburg, Va., selected Tippmann Innovation (TI), Fort Wayne, Ind., to build its new commercial cold storage facility in Charlottesville, Va.

Cavalier Produce had outgrown their existing leased facilities, and began a 2-year search in 2013 for a site that would allow for growth as their business needs increased. The project demanded sensitivity to the construction process and their business model.

"Tippmann Innovation travels and builds the finest cold storage facilities in the country. Not until we were in the thick of it did we actually appreciate the expertise that it takes to build this type of facility. It's beyond the scope of most general contractors," says Denise Yetzer, president of Cavalier Produce.

In just six months, TI designed a building specifically for Cavalier's needs—40-foot clear with ample pallet storage. And, the building's internal configuration is optimized for the existing business and planned growth.

"This project demonstrates the premium that is placed on experience and guidance within the cold storage industry. We appreciate every opportunity to help our customers grow their businesses by leveraging our expertise," says Rob Adams, principal, TI.