LINDAR, Baxter, Minn., and Jade Photech, Norcross, Ga., announced a joint venture with a new, specifically designed extrusion line for Optica material.

Operating under the brand name Optica, the joint venture produces micro-optical material that combines the resources and expertise of Jade Photech’s 3D technology using its new, proprietary micro-optical material solutions in tandem with LINDAR’s advanced, plastics manufacturing in food packaging and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) parts.

“Our team has taken on the process of developing the game-changing Optica material,” says Tom Haglin, LINDAR president. “We are very excited to add lenticular extrusion to our manufacturing processes and to redefine the lenticular marketplace. Our partnership with Jade Photech has pushed our manufacturing goals.”

The design and building of the multi-million-dollar machine was completed through a collaboration of Jade Photech and SML, an Austria-based builder of precision manufacturing equipment. The machine delivers what is said to be the greenest (recycled) plastic to comply with eco-friendly initiatives for a variety of 3D applications, allowing multiple messages or motion on one single label or panel. Applications include packaging, point-of-purchase displays, 3D labels and more.

“The unequaled consistency of our Optica material makes flexographic printing for 3D motion graphics available,” says Dan Fosse, LINDAR director of sales. “This provides very high-resolution print quality and guaranteed consistency across the entire width of the plastic sheet—from 8 to 33 gauge. This is a game changer in the motion graphic market.”

Once the lenses have been extruded, either into roll stock or sheets that are cut to size, the images are printed directly onto the Optica material. This causes the image to pop with 3D graphics, morphing graphics, flip graphics and up to 24 frames of motion graphics being viewed through the lenticules.

“Jade Photech has taken a systems approach to producing more cost-effective and attractive 3D images,” says Dr. Bill Karszes, Jade Photech CEO and the machine’s lead designer. “We have designed and built a process to produce the most uniformly consistent micro-optical material available in the market. Now, our partnership with LINDAR has furthered our goals by utilizing their manufacturing expertise and experience. The material has been successfully printed and has proven to be cost effective.”

“Often in production, volume impacts quality and vice versa,” adds Bruce Hinkel, Jade Photech president. “But, we can consistently deliver both for a variety of different industries using our breakthrough 3D technology with the new machine. We believe the joint venture with LINDAR is a good starting point.”

The new 3D images are a result of Jade Photech’s arrangement with its affiliated company Photon3D Ltd., Hong Kong, using its 3D operating system and platform for both 3D digital and print applications.

“Our new technology allows us to deliver superior 3D images that match the human visual system without the need for 3D glasses,” says Dr. Jerry Nims, Photon3D chairman. 

The joint venture provides a complete package of lenticular printing services, which allows LINDAR and Jade Photech to complete the entire process in making a product that has been created with lenticular extrusion, including support for 3D graphics interlacing, prepress and printing.