Chicago-based ArrowStream release what is said to be a first-of-its-kind Inbound Freight Program Insights module for its Crossbow software solution. With this addition, Crossbow provides unprecedented control of shipment efficiency, and enables purchasing and logistics departments to collaborate on reducing freight costs by up to 10%.

Crossbow's unique and patented optimization technology recommends improvements to ordering and routing patterns, reducing inventory to the warehouse, eliminating unnecessary miles and increasing freight under management. Teams are alerted when orders and shipments are falling short of plan, and can take action to improve financial performance by preventing losses from inefficient orders before the freight is tendered.

With the release of the Program Insights module, Crossbow customers gain total visibility into the opportunities to manage more freight, optimize the efficiency of the freight they are already managing and improve compliance to planned ordering and routing patterns. Focused on translating root-cause analysis into immediate specific action, the new features enable organizations to take pre-emptive action as soon as freight costs are threatened, often saving margin before it is lost.