Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. (RRTS), Milwaukee, Wis., announced the official name change of Roadrunner LTL to Roadrunner Freight, building on its competitive advantages as a high-service option for customers.

“While our rebranding is represented through our new name, it’s really our tagline that says it all—Less than Truckload, More than Expected,” says Grant Crawford, president. “The goal of the rebranding is to better position the business as the ideal cost-effective option in the industry.  Our dedication and investment in Roadrunner Freight is meant as a sign to our customers that we’re devoted to their business in the less-than-truckload arena. We have a rich history, dating back to the beginning of the company in the 80s, and we’re looking to redefine our objectives and business strategies to exceed the expectations of our customers.”

The Roadrunner Freight business model allows for expansion without traditional inefficiencies and costs, giving the company the ability to pass those costing efficiencies on to its customers.

“Roadrunner Freight will carry forward our quality less-than-truckload long haul offering, however we have re-engineered it to remain economical while being highly reliable. We are excited to bring this increased value proposition to our current and new customers,” Crawford says.