The Vandersterre Groep Bedrijven, a privately-owned cheese processor based in The Netherlands, announced plans to acquire Grozette of Woerden, The Netherlands.

Grozette produces cheese products for sprinkling, such as grated cheese, cheese shavings, cheese cubes and dried cheese powder sold to industrial customers, retailers and caterers in 30 countries. Grozette employs 86 people, and will carry out its activities independently under the daily supervision of the current management.

Since 2012, Vandersterre has also been co-shareholder in Kaamps Cheese BV, which produces a wide range of top specialty cheese products in Deurningen. The Vandersterre Groep sells cheese to market traders, cheese shops, retailers, out-of-home customers and wholesalers, and exports to more than 70 countries.

In addition to its headquarters and distribution centers in Bodegraven, Vandersterre Groep Bedrijven is building a new plant in Grootebroek that will produce cheese slices and pieces. Vandersterre Groep is also expanding its automated cheese storage facility in Meerkerk.