Dutch cheesemaker Vandersterre has recently partnered with Willicroft, a plant-based cheese company located in the Netherlands. Partnering with Willicroft will allow Vandersterre to explore the plant-based cheese market and the opportunities that come with it.

Those at Vandersterre say about the acquisition, "It is important to us all and the next generation that we are responsible for our environmental impact. In partnering with Willicroft, we believe we can further extend our understanding of the plant-based market and more sustainable business practices."  

About Willicroft
Willicroft was founded in the 2018 by Brad, the grandson of a dairy farmer. Brad's journey to becoming a plant-based cheese maker began when he adopted a plant-based diet. He found the transition easier than he’d imagined, with the exception of cheese. Frustrated by the low quality of products available, he decided to start making plant-based cheese himself. Combining age-old techniques passed down by his grandfather, Brad began creating cheese from a base of nuts, soy and beans.

Brad believes that cheese is the final stumbling block for many transitioning to a plant-based diet. Through his products, he’s aiming to demonstrate that plant-based cheese can be just as decadent as dairy cheese while also having a much more positive impact on the planet. Willicroft will continue to focus on their core qualities such as innovation, impact and marketing.

About Vandersterre
Vandersterre is a leading and innovative Dutch family business since 1929 and producing Dutch cheese specialties with the brands Prima Donna and Landana. As Vandersterre we want consumers around the world to be able to enjoy tasty specialties. In this ambition we are glad to add Willicroft Plant-based cheese to our portfolio of high end brands and as Vandersterre to be responsible for the sales and distribution of Willicroft worldwide.