Newstead Ranch Inc., Clarence, N.Y., announced plans to expand operations at two of its egg farms in the Finger Lakes, N.Y., region and create up to 55 new jobs over the next five years.  

Newstead Ranch is a fourth generation family-owned egg farm with approximately 1.9 million laying hens. Founded in 1924, it now markets over 47 million dozen eggs annually from three sites.

“The rapid transition to cage-free egg production over the next eight years to meet commitments by supermarkets, restaurants and foodservice companies necessitates a tremendous amount of investment by our family in new buildings and equipment,” says Michael Kreher, partner. “Along with the cage0free transition, we continue to see consumer preference shift to our organic eggs. This support will allow us to remain competitive, as we continue to increase employment in our rural communities.”

The $64 million project will span five years, and will focus on future growth and expansion of Sunrise Farm, the Genesee County, Ala., organic egg farm and the transition to cage-free egg production at Wayne County Eggs, Wolcott, N.Y.

The Sunrise Farm expansion includes the construction of two pullet growing buildings, five laying henhouses and the buildout of the feed mill. Newstead Ranch also plans to build an egg processing facility, refrigerated storage and packaging supplies warehouse.

The Wayne County Eggs project entails the construction of six new barns as part of the planned transition to cage-free egg production, as well as the buildout of a manure processing facility. 

The expansion at the sites is already underway, and should be completed by December 2021.