Jo-Sak Shipping Inc., Boulder, Colo., and Olympic International Freight Forwarders, Inc., Poulsbo, Wash., joined forces with an affiliate of NorthPoint Development, Riverside, Mo., to launch NorthPoint Forwarding, a full-service international freight forwarder dedicated to moving refrigerated products from the United States to international food supply chains.

Specializing in export ocean transport in full container loads, NorthPoint Forwarding focuses on frozen meat (beef, poultry, pork, seafood) and agricultural commodities (peas, lentils, beans).

“Freight forwarding is a fast-paced industry, with a constant emphasis on excellence and efficiency,” says Diogo Lobo, chief executive officer of NorthPoint Forwarding. “By combining the expertise of two seasoned entrepreneurs and consolidating operations in Kansas City, which is an agricultural hub in the middle of the country, NorthPoint Forwarding allows agricultural commodity producers to efficiently move goods internationally. Thanks to its dynamic business model built on technology and automation with a focus on creating efficiency and value, NorthPoint Forwarding is disrupting the traditional freight forwarding industry.”

NorthPoint Forwarding brings together a group of commodity-driven individuals each with 20-plus years of experience creating value-added freight solutions with velocity tools to generate export documentation for rail, land, sea and air logistics.

“We are committed to maximizing shippers’ time and money and contributing to the efficiency of the industry as a whole,” adds Pauline Yaghiayan, Jo-Sak founder and NorthPoint Forwarding director of operations. “Through technology, we can cooperate with all major ocean carriers, provide customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and will tirelessly negotiate only the best freight rates available in the market. Our team is dedicated to unparalleled punctuality, accuracy and efficiency in the shipping process, from start to finish.”

The new company will employ a state-of-the-art, in-house shipping software system Yaghiayan developed for Jo-Sak clients.

“The access to technology, new systems, additional services, support and resources will help us all be more profitable and successful,” says Kelly Cloward, Olympic International founder and NorthPoint Forwarding account manager. “In the ever-changing freight forwarding industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to work alone and provide customers the high-quality, hands-on service they demand. NorthPoint Forwarding is the realization of a great vision to bring small forwarders together to create a strong network that offers customers a wider range of products and services.”