Phenomenex Inc., Torrance, Calif., opened a new manufacturing and development facility dedicated to its gas chromatography (GC) columns, marketed under the Zebron brand name. The 15,000-square-foot facility is located in the Sacramento, Calif., suburb of El Dorado Hills, and includes organic synthesis, R&D and analytical labs.

The new location supports twice the production capacity and enables improved logistics and delivery speeds.

"The Phenomenex GC manufacturing and development operation has a rich and long history," says Emmet Welch, senior product development manager. "We are staffed with scientists and production experts with decades of leadership in every aspect of GC column technology and manufacturing. In fact, many of our current staff has more than 25 years’ experience in column technology development."

"Detailed and exhaustive planning went into creating an efficient production floor, using lean principles to maximize the use of space while minimizing the movement of people and materials. We have also included a centralized piping system that reduces the cost and movement of process gasses," adds Welch. "With advanced automated workflows, this new facility will be capable of supporting significant growth in Phenomenex GC manufacturing and new product development for many years."

The facility's work environment for employees features a bright, colorful and open design, complete with art-filled spaces and an outside athletic center.

"Phenomenex is known for the vibrant colors and pleasing architectural spaces that are the hallmarks of our corporate headquarters,” says Fasha Mahjoor, founder. “Our people are the reason for our success, and it's our goal and responsibility to give them an environment that inspires teamwork and camaraderie and promotes their health and well-being."